Cycle Oregon Spotlight – Oakridge

150 miles south of Portland and 40 miles southeast of Eugene on Highway 58 is Oakridge, Oregon–a small community in

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Route Talk – Squatch Country

On Day 5 we leave the sparkling, glassy waters of Dorena Lake behind and pedal our way to the town

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Get Your Kicks On the Highway to Hells Canyon

You’ve seen the pictures… pristine, snow-capped mountains, no crowds, no traffic lights and one of the cutest little frontier towns you’re

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Weekender Recap

In July, the city of McMinnville and Linfield College hosted Cycle Oregon’s WEEKENDER and oh what a weekend it was! On

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Cycle Oregon Spotlight – Cottage Grove & Dorena Lake

The communities of Cottage Grove and Dorena Lake have one important characteristic in common. They both seem to have the

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Route Talk – Flowing Downhill

Starting off from Diamond Lake it’s 4 miles to Highway 138, then let that freewheel fly downhill all the way

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Joyride Recap

There’s an old saying in Latin that goes, “In vino veretas, en aqua sanitas”. It means, “In wine, truth. In

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Route Talk – No Crater Greater

Ah, the endless dilemma that is Day 3. You’ve covered a respectable amount of ground over the last two days,

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Cycle Oregon Spotlight – Diamond Lake

Diamond Lake is one of those places that Oregonians have been enjoying for generations because, for the most part, the

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New Sponsor Helps Perfect Packing

Cycle Oregon would like to welcome Oregami Luggage as a 2017 sponsor! This company is a natural fit for CO because

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