We Are Cycle Oregon

Thanks to those of you who joined us on the 2016 Go for Gold weeklong event! If you were there,

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Geology Rocks Day 6: Gold in Them Thar Hills! + Geology Rocks Day 7: Fire and Faults

Day 6 takes you down the Rogue and up Graves and Wolf Creek, through the heart of the Rogue River

September 6, 2016 | 2 Comments


Policymakers Ride: Advancing Important Projects in Washington County

On Friday August 19, more than 100 elected officials and civic leaders rode the 12th annual Policymakers Ride in Oregon’s

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How to Have Fun and Stay Safe on an Organized Bike Ride

Organized rides across the country are getting pushback from communities that are frustrated by riders who flaunt the rules of

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Geology Rocks Day 5: Serpentine Rocks and Roads

Day 5 route: You’ll follow the Rogue River until you reach Agness, then climb over Bear Camp Road, which snakes

August 26, 2016 | 2 Comments


Geology Rocks Day 4: Beauty and the Beast, On the Trail of The Big One

Figure 1. Overview of the Day 4 route. Red areas are landslides recently mapped using lidar, a high-accuracy-laser scanning technique.

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Day 7: Glendale to Myrtle Creek

As it should be, the last day of this year’s Week Ride is relatively short and easy. There’s very little

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State Parks Partnership Highlights Oregon’s Most Beautiful Spots

Cycle Oregon and Oregon State Parks are a winning team. The state agency partners with Cycle Oregon to allow its

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Day 6: Indian Mary Park to Glendale

The Day 6 route follows the Rogue River downstream to the end of the BLM road, 12 miles from start. At

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Weekend Ride Brings Families and Friends Together

With great anticipation, friends and families arrived Friday night at Oregon State University (OSU), where the staff welcomed everyone with

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