Salmonberry: Vision to Reality

Cycle Oregon, state officials and community stakeholders share a vision for the Salmonberry, an overgrown, unmaintained and decommissioned railroad track

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Cycle Oregon Awards Twelve Grants Totaling $69,635

This February, Cycle Oregon awarded 12 grants totaling $69,635 to projects that will promote the health and vitality of rural

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year for the annual Cycle Oregon holiday gift guide. It seems like every year there’s more

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Cycle Oregon Logistics – A City, A Circus and A Movable Feast

One of the things that we get a lot of comments about in our surveys is how seamlessly everything appears

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It’s More Than Just a Ride

Since returning from the Week Ride, I’ve poured over your surveys and met with many of you who have expressed

October 27, 2014 | 5 Comments


Two Years Later, The Mark Bosworth Fund Proves an Overwhelming Success

Ashley Diamond and Sara Farley meet Julie, Claire and Kelly Bosworth at Cycle Oregon 2014 Mark Bosworth, a two-time cancer

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Another Cyclist is Born

Her name is Sara Farley and she’s a cyclist. She wasn’t always this way. Not that long ago she was

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AAA Oregon/Idaho Sponsors Cycle Oregon For the Sixth Year in a Row

The following article was provided by our sponsors at AAA Oregon/Idaho. AAA Oregon/Idaho has been a sponsor of Cycle Oregon

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One More Time (With Feeling)

A nice long photo slideshow featuring the “Magnificent Seven” and many who conquered Cycle Oregon 2014. Grab some popcorn, kick

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Cycle Oregon #27 is a Wrap. What Did it Mean to You?

What a week! The ride is over, but the stories live on. We’ve heard several themes on what it is

September 15, 2014 | 5 Comments