It’s important to have a connection to the causes you support, and Cycle Oregon provides you with a direct connection to the good you do: The towns you ride through or stop at for a meal or stay in overnight-the towns where you meet the people who live there, because they’re the ones serving your meal or providing entertainment or manning the aid station-those are the towns that the Cycle Oregon Fund supports. Ride Cycle Oregon or make a donation and you’ll feel good and do good – at the same time.

We’re proud of our partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation, which enables riders to make a tax deductible contribution that helps provide support and funding for important projects and communities.

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Invest in the Salmonberry Trail

The Salmonberry Trail is Cycle Oregon’s most ambitious project to date. Over the last four years we have donated $200,000 and have pledged to raise $1,000,000 in total for the Salmonberry Trail Project in a continuing effort to restore a Portland-to-coast adventure trail. Join us to support Cycle Oregon’s investment in the Salmonberry by making a gift today. Let’s give the Salmonberry a new beginning.