Cancellation Policies

We understand things happen in life and sometimes you have to cancel your registration. We want to make it as easy as possible to do so. Please note we do not make exceptions in our cancellation policy (including family, medical, or employment situations). We cannot offer credits or transfers. Trip insurance is available for purchase during registration.

Emergency Information

In extreme emergencies, family members can contact a rider by calling the Oregon State Police at 541-776-6111. Please ask them to send an urgent message to Cycle Oregon officials. Bear in mind that it may take up to 12 hours to locate a rider and relay a message.

On-Course Emergencies

If you or someone near you is having an emergency, do not hesitate to dial 911. Often one of our medical team will pick up the call on their radio.

Extensive Communications

Cycle Oregon has lots of help on the road in case of an emergency. HAM radio operators provide emergency and logistical communication for Cycle Oregon. HAM radio operators ride in most Cycle Oregon vehicles so that event managers, medical services and staff are in touch at all times. If no one is around to assist in the event of an emergency, call 911.

Motorcycle Patrol Officers

Motorcycle Patrol Officers accompany Cycle Oregon each day. These officers have full authority to enforce the motor vehicle code. They can be contacted by Cycle Oregon staff for any emergency issues on the course.

Ambulance Service

MetroWest provides Advance Life Support ambulances that give around-the-clock medical support on the course and in camp. If you require medical attention on the course, you should notify a SAG van, ambulance or staff vehicle with the “thumbs down” signal.

Please note: There is no charge for medical services rendered by MetroWest on the course or at the overnight site. MetroWest will not transport you to a medical facility unless it is a critical situation. If you require transport using MetroWest, a local ambulance or helicopter, you will be financially responsible for any resulting charges. You are also financially responsible for any services provided by local medical facilities.

You can help in an emergency

If you witness an accident on the course, please do the following:

  • Do not move the injured rider, especially if you suspect a head or spinal injury.
  • Notify a passing ambulance, SAG van or staff vehicle with the “thumbs down” signal. If there is no one around to help, call 911.
  • Take care of yourself. Do not step into the path of vehicle traffic.
  • Keep the injured person calm.
  • Once a Cycle Oregon official is on the scene and you have given a statement, please continue on the ride.

In-Camp Emergencies


Go to the medical tent, as a medic will be on call at all times. If no one is in the tent, knock on the trailer door.


PA announcements throughout the campsite will alert the riders to prepare for evacuation. Please go immediately to the Main Stage for instructions.

Severe Weather

Harsh weather may warrant the use of contingency facilities for shelter, if available. Details will be announced from the Main Stage. In the event of lightning, seek low ground and get away from metal.

Ride Waiver

All cyclists will be asked to sign a waiver when checking in. To review the waiver beforehand, click on the link below. You must show picture ID in order to receive your packet when you check in.

The Classic - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does my registration fee include?

    Your registration fee includes three meals per day for seven days, ample beverages and snacks during each day’s ride, trusty baggage transport for one bag, friendly course support that includes a signed route, SAG vans, mechanical and medical assistance if needed, and an idyllic overnight site that includes a camping area, showers, restrooms, beer garden, daily entertainment, other food vendors, bike mechanics and medical tent. And part of your fee goes directly to help Oregon communities and parks.

  • What is Cycle Oregon's purpose?

    Cycle Oregon is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bicycling enjoyment, safety and education. All proceeds from the ride go to the Cycle Oregon Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation, which helps preserve and protect the special places of Oregon and support community development projects in the regions through which we ride.

  • Is The Classic a good place to meet new people?

    One of the perceptions of The Classic is that it’s the same group of people getting together for their annual ride. Actually, that’s not true. We consistently have hundreds and hundreds of new riders every year. While we cherish our repeat riders, we also love seeing new faces each year. So if you haven’t tasted the singular experience of The Classic, come join us.

  • Do I have to finish riding each day by a specific time?

    Course support services are available only during the course hours. If you leave before the course opens or are still riding after the course closes, there will be no support services available. All Cycle Oregon riders still on the course after 6:30 p.m. will be offered a ride to camp. If you choose to not take the ride you will be on your own to get back to camp.

  • What happens if I can’t finish the day’s ride?

    There are SAG vans on the course each day. They’re available to transport cyclists as needed due to mechanical problems or medical injuries. The vans also have extra water and snacks, if needed. If at any time you need assistance, please signal a SAG van with a “thumbs down” signal. If you do get into a SAG van, you might not be transported directly to camp; the SAG vans usually wait until they are full to go to camp.

  • What if I wake up one morning and don’t feel able to ride?

    There will be a SAG van available each morning to transport cyclists from site to site if cyclists are not feeling well or are injured. Go to the Medical tent and get a medical release for riding the medical SAG . Bring that form to Rider Services before 8 a.m. to sign up for this shuttle option.

  • What do I need to bring?

    Of course, this depends on your style of traveling, but we have several resources for you to tap into. Some of our long-time repeat riders have compiled a packing list. Remember that this list is just a guideline, and also remember the 65-pound limit for your one bag.

  • If I have the Tent + Porter service, what does that include?

    The Tent + Porter service includes a tent and two chairs. But the best part is that you’ll never have to carry your bag on the event. It will be picked up and dropped off at your tent each day. You’ll need to bring a sleeping bag and pad.

    If you are staying with someone in a tent, only one rider needs to sign up for T&P. Signing up alone? We will NOT pair you with another rider.

  • Can I bring two bags instead of one? And how serious is the 65-pound weight limit for bags?

    No. Serious. Each rider may bring only one bag (duffle bags are ideal). Your bag must not weigh more than 65 pounds. This weight limit includes your tent and sleeping bag.

    We ask you to be considerate of the baggage people and volunteers who will be handling your bags each day by honoring this weight limit (this includes Tent & Porter – same weight limit). If honor is not enough to keep you under 65 pounds, well, you might end up carrying some extra poundage in your jersey pockets if your bag gets weighed.

  • Can a non-rider come with me?

    Only if they are a registered Rider Guest. We have very limited space for non-riders. Please do not attempt to “tag along” on your own. In recent years we’ve experienced an uptick in bad behavior from a few people trying to “poach” the event.

    Rider Guests and Support Vehicles are not to drive the route the riders take each day; they must drive a different way to each night’s site. Alternate driving directions will be sent to registered Rider Guests and Support Vehicles in August. Guests are also asked to not ride the route each day on a bike – they are not registered riders.

  • How much should I expect to spend while I’m on the ride?

    Cycle Oregon supplies plenty of food and beverages each day, but there are extras you may want to buy along the way. That includes the beer garden, wine, pizza, coffee, ice cream and other food vendors, the Cycle Oregon and Bike Gallery retail tents, and services such as massage or bike cleaning (all of whom take cards).  In addition, you should plan to tip local residents who help with your bags ($2 a bag is the suggested minimum). And most host towns have local crafts and foods available. So the amount will vary, but bring some spending money.

  • Will I have cell/wifi during the ride? Will there be a way for me to charge electronic devices?

    You shouldn’t expect to have uninterrupted cell phone and/or Internet access. In fact, we often overload networks in the smaller overnight communities, yielding spotty connections at best. Text messages work best in these situations.

    For information on charging, refer to the Community Cycling Center under Ride Logistics > Services.

  • How do I get a bus ticket, parking pass, jersey, etc, after I’ve already registered for the ride?

    You can purchase a bus ticket or parking pass by going to the Shop section. You’ll find the registration forms for parking and bus tickets there.

  • Can I ship my bike?

    If you’re flying or don’t want the hassle of dealing with your bike on the way to the event, ship your bike directly to the starting location. We are proud to work with Bike Flights for shipping all bikes to and from our event.

    Bike Gallery can assemble your bike after you arrive for $65. If you need your bike disassembled and boxed at ride’s end, the fee is $75. Sign up for both for $125. You can pre-pay for both services here until August 30th.